George Mfula is the senior Pastor of Rise Bishop George PNG.png Natalie Mfula& Walk Church.Our mandate is to raise a church that will be able to meet the needs of people in all spheres of life; supporting the needy, restoring broken families, getting the drug addicts off the streets, healing the sick, preserving marriages from divorce and destruction. Our vision is to raise a people of value, integrity, dignity, pathfinders, pacesetters, innovative and creative. People who will be able to worship God in truth and spirit, and contribute towards the building of the communities at large.

He and his fiancee Natalie, are devoted to raising people of witty inventions- people who know their identity in Christ Jesus, who refuse to be enslaved or/ bow down to defeat and, are ready to contribute to the well-being of humanity at large.

He has seen many incurable diseases disappear from bodies of people. He has seen deaf ears open, and swollen legs healed. He has also witnessed lives of people being changed from drug addiction to peace and freedom. He has seen cancer healings and lumps disappearing from people’s bodies. He gives all the glory to Jesus for giving him such a prophetic and healing gift to restore and heal lives of people. Rise & Walk Church has a mission to save souls.Pastor George is also an author of spiritual books.He has authored 8 books with amazing testimonies following to the glory of God.Books are designed to draw people to Jesus; to transform, empower, impact and restore many lives of people in Jesus name.To visit our faith bookstore please click right below>>bookstore-Icon-04-002