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Understanding the Divine Secrets of God


Every kingdom accomplishment or achievement thrives on divine secrets! What are divine secrets? They are the hidden truths that can be revealed by the Holy Spirit into someone’s life. However, it is not divine secrets that will change your destiny or position in life, but putting them into practice. This brings us back to obedience! Lay hold of this book and your life will never be the same again:-)




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Product Description

Understanding the Divine Secrets of God contains twenty-one chapters on various subjects. It is designed to equip you and me for supernatural encounters with God. God has inspired and anointed me to unveil these secrets to you so that you may excel to the next level of your life, calling, ministry and career without much struggle – that is what we call sweatless victory! Victory without struggling!

I wrote this book to help you lay hold of divine revelations that will propel you to greater heights of life in your walk with God. You see, everyone is called to some sort of ministry! And discovering what that ministry is, becomes your major purpose on earth. It doesn’t matter where you are at in life today—it is time to get up and find your place in God’s agenda!