The Broken & Forgotten Woman

The Broken & Forgotten Woman


The Broken & Forgotten Woman is exceptionally written to restore any woman or/ man’s destiny that has experienced predicaments, setbacks or storms of life in marriage, relationship, and friendship.It is one of the books that you don’t have an option, but to read! It has helpful insights that are just incredible and life transforming.

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The Broken & Forgotten Woman is a must to read book!It is written to re-write someone’s destiny.It starts with miracle experiences and the hand of God.It has viable testimonies on how the man of God, Pastor George Mfula, was used by God prophetically to minister healing and deliverance to hurting families and 2007 during his ministry trip in Australia God spoke  to him concerning things that trouble and bind families, marriages and relationships from enjoying God’s own best in every relationship.He believes that God has a glorious plan for every woman who has been mocked and teased in life.As people are mocking you, God will be making you to become a blessing to this generation.