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Keys to Preserving Your Destiny


This epistle is essential to read as it provides exceptional insights to help you grow in God. In this book George exposes and explains how your God-given destiny can be preserved from destruction. It is designed to help you understand that you have a God-ordained destiny that needs to be preserved by using the wisdom of God. George reveals keys to actualizing your destiny without stress and struggle. He explains that the biggest thing there is in life is destiny, so to have it fulfilled, spiritual attention is demanded.


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Keys to Preserving Your Destiny will help you locate your purpose on earth fashioned by God before the foundations of the world. George Mfula discloses that “this generation has been taught who God is, but it has not been taught how to get intimate with Him in any way.”

However, Keys to Preserving your Destiny will help you connect with God on a personal level of intimacy. Many other things that this book offers include: divine wisdom, spiritual illumination and divine direction for walking in supernatural dominion. Remember everyone is got a destiny, but not every destiny is successful. However, I believe your destiny will be fulfilled, and soar higher to greatness and success!

About the Author

George Mfula is the founding pastor of Rise & Walk Church Inc. He is an author, pastor, teacher, conference speaker, leader, and prophet. His mandate is to liberate people from all oppressions of the devil through the preaching and teaching of the Word of Faith. His passion is to glorify Jesus and declare him Lord to all nations of the earth through the matchless power of the Holy Spirit.