Eleven Steps to Breaking Financial Hardship


This book is a must read! It will open your eyes to the spiritual truth, empowering you to live above financial bondage. We believe from experience that very few authors take time to write experience-oriented books, but Eleven Steps to Breaking Financial Hardship approaches the audience one-on-one with workable insights on finances. Get yourself a copy!!!

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Product Description

The whole world is experiencing a time of financial hardship. It is a time when many people have turned to be borrowers instead of lenders.Fear of the unknown has gripped many lives.As a result, all kinds of prayers have been offered in an effort to avert financial hardship, but nothing seems to be working. Marriages, relationships, ministries, and businesses have experienced storms of financial hardship. It is a time where no one is able to trust anyone with money or finances. Thus, this book has been written to give you understanding, stability, hope, and faith that will shield you from financial hardship and pressure. There are eleven steps listed in this book that will help you remain stable and focused on God, in spite of financial predicaments. They will bring you to a place where you can believe God for anything. The steps will turn you into a lender instead of a borrower, fulfilling Deuteronomy 28: 12-13 (NKJV).