06588d230993e4e3e9a4fb1b1b6ce5adRISE & WALK HEALING SCHOOL- ( RAWHS-2018)


The course will be running for 8 weeks and has 16 modules PART of
displayed below:

  1. The Holy Spirit, His gifts vs the fruits of the spirit
  2. Creation, the word of God, Jesus ministry & ascension.
  3. Visions, dreams, the believers’ authority and angelic ministry.
  4. Identifying your gifts, calling and running with them.
  5. Walking in your God-ordained purpose, destiny & ability.
  6. Sanctification, the realm of the spirit, rapture, and heaven.
  7. Healing by faith vs healing by the anointing & divine presence


WHO QUALIFIES FOR THE SCHOOL?e3b817973511011c07f1d39aa7bbd0c5

1. If you want to develop a stronger relationship with God
2. If you feel called into ministry: preaching, teaching, healing
deliverance, pastoral, or you need direction in life.
3. If you want to learn more about God, His word & presence.
4 If you are sick, tired of life, you have an incurable disease and,
you are seeking deliverance, restoration, and healing.

We are expecting between 20 and 50 people for the first class. Now, to help us serve you well, please >>>