Ps George Mfula’s Healing Testimony

In the year 1991 as young as I was. I got diagnosed with a brain and spinal cord disease. I was in the bed of affliction sickness for at least one year. As my condition became extremely worse my mother couldn’t stand the moment. She was extremely worried and in fear of losing me. I remember few nights she could literally pour water on my head to lessen the pain as a caring mother as she was, but that was not helpful. Each time I’m walking or sleeping, I could feel a sharp pain ascending or arising from the bottom of my spine cord all the way to the head (the brain part).Then I would suddenly feel an electric shock like pain; then I would be shivering and screaming for relief. It was terrific and enslaving!

My father and mother took me to one of the largest hospitals to have me checked by some of the experienced and highly trained doctors in my country instead I got worse! Then, they tried other specialists, a team of Cuban doctors, highly qualified, but they couldn’t understand what it was. Sickness is bad, and it enslaves! I never knew what it was to run, jump, skip, laugh and just be me during that time of that predicament. Sickness is spiritual and physical bondage. I remember sometimes I used to have blackouts at night, one time I went to a place in my sleep where darkness in this place looked horrible, that could not be described .Till now I don’t understand what it was. I escaped that place of darkness in my sleep   with a huge sigh or breath- I couldn’t go to bed any more I was scared!

Then several weeks later, there was an appointment set for me to see more other trained specialist doctors for my case. It was during that time that I was invited to attend a Miracle Crusade for Deeper Life Church International originally from Nigeria. One of my cousins invited me; however, by that time I was not a born again Christian, but a traditional Church goer. My mum had influenced me to be close to God though I was attending a tradition Church. Now, when I went to that Crusade, I couldn’t sit in the meeting for even five minutes due to the excruciating pain in my spine, and especially my brain area. So, one of my neighbour at the Crusade, because we were staying in the same Hostel urged me to come to the Auditorium even for ten minutes. Yes I did, and as soon as I listened to the preacher concluding his message he asked for anyone who wanted to give his/her life to Jesus Christ. Then I straight away went and surrendered my life to Jesus. At the end of the Crusade people testified of how God healed them of their blind sight, crippled legs and deaf ears such and the like, but with me I was feeling the same physically and emotionally. The only thing that had changed in me was my FAITH. I came to a place where I believed that I won’t die, instead live. You see, before attending this meeting I was hopeless-no will-power to live! So, on the fourth Day of the Crusade everyone returned back home, but I was feeling the same way I came. Miraculously, there was one thing that happened on the third after the crusade finished. On the third after the Crusade, I woke up in the morning and I began to do things I never did in one year.

I began to run, jump, jogging, frogging and eating; my appetite came back! As soon as Jesus came into my life, sickness and powers of darkness left me for good. Till now; after many years am still strong in my body; walking with the Lord Jesus-preaching the gospel of salvation, healing and prosperity. As well as healing all manner of diseases. I’m being used by God to destroy all works of darkness.  I give Jesus all the GLORY & HONOUR!