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Jesus Appears to Davie

“And they overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the lamb; and by the word of their testimony…”

Rev 12:11

My name is Dave and this is my testimony: As I watch Pastor George Mfula pray for the other people I began to feel a bit freaked out. As he lays his hand on them one by one they are lowered to the floor. As he finishes  praying for Melvis I lower her onto the sofa, and then looking up to find that his gaze had settled on me. As he lays his hand on me a peace settles over me I feel unexpected calmness wash over me, it doesn’t seem so freaky any more. He begins to pray, but nothing happens. After a few minutes he suddenly grasps me around the waist as if something is wrong. Then, he lets go of me and draws back. As soon as he lets go of me my leg seems to kick out from underneath me. I look down but both feet are planted firmly on the ground and I can feel the floor beneath me. I’m lowered being to the floor, but in another place.

I lose all consciousness, and then I feel my head begin to touch the cushions.There’s a flash, and suddenly I’m not in Melvin’s living room any more. Its pitch black, and I can’s see a thing. I’m really freaked out now. Somehow, I just know. I’m in the spiritual realm. I try to move and find that I can just shift my head and barely move my arms. I begin to just make out something moving on the edge of my peripheral vision. As it moves closer I realize Satan is walking towards me. I don’t know what to do. I start to panic. As he reaches me he looks down on me, his face is twisted in hatred. He reaches down to grab. As he reaches for me I suddenly realize what I need to do. The reason why I’m not scared is because He isn’t with me. I shout, at the top of my lungs “Jesus!” As soon as His name is out my mouth there is a terrific blinding light off to my right. Satan instantly retreats at the sight of my Saviour and hurriedly starts to shuffle backwards .Jesus starts in my direction, an expression of peace on his face as he looks at me. His features change to that of determination as his gaze settles on Satan.

As Jesus nears my side I notice armies marching behind both Him and Satan. Both armies stop a few yards from where my feet are. I am looking straight down the centre that divides the armies of heaven and hell. I suddenly realize that I can hear some of my very own heavy music coming from somewhere in the ranks of Satan’s army, yet it pales in comparison to the disturbingly volatile and grotesquely tortured music of hell. On Jesus’ side it sounds like some Hillsong music is playing, I think that I can also make out some of my own Christian music. Above all though, I can make out music of heaven, which amazes me. I will never hear music like that again in this life. I drag my attention away from the mesmerizing heavenly music to watch Jesus and Satan take up positions in front of their armies. Then, the battle begins. Soon Satan’s army begins to retreat but he leaves the battle to advance towards me once again. Jesus also leaves the battle as the last demons are either defeated, or disappear back into the darkness. Jesus comes and stands opposite to Satan. They stand no more than a meter from where my feet are. Jesus holds His sword in front of Him as he looks from me to Satan once again and says “I will fight you for him”. Their swords clash and then Jesus swings his sword to gash Satan from his shoulders across chest right down to his waist. Satan stumbles and falls. Jesus looks down on him as he scrambles to his feet and watches him as he staggers in retreat. Jesus then turns to me as I notice there is a fire in His eyes. I don’t know how long it has been there but as He looks at me my blood seems to turn to mercury. I can’t explain why I assume it is mercury but as I try to shield my eyes from His light I notice that my veins seem to be the colour of bright silver. He comes and stands in front of me and looks at me. There is an unfathomable love in those eyes. But at the same time a look of hurt and betrayal that can only come from dying for all mankind and then having to watch as so many still continue to turn their backs on Him. Myself of all people I couldn’t bare to look in His eyes knowing how much physical torture, pain, and suffering I’d caused to people in my past. My body is aching all over from the mercury running through it making my movements retarded. He reaches out His hand with the sword in it and gently says “Take it up.” For some reason I just feel that He is asking me to do something really hard I cry out “I can’t” He repeats it again and still I cry out the same answer but with less conviction than the first time.

I’m trying to use my arms to shield my eyes but they seem freakishly thin and scrawny outlines by His blinding light. My arms tire and all the energy goes out as they drop down beside me. I narrow my eyes looking into His face. Without opening His mouth His eyes say “Trust me” He holds the top half of the hilt so I reach out and despite my lack of co-ordinations I manage to grasp the lower half of the hilt. As I touch the sword I feel like I’m being electrocuted but its an electrocution that doesn’t hurt. He smiles at me and says “You have overcome those chains that were binding you. You are now truly free. I knew you were ready for this even if you didn’t. Trust in Me instead of your own understanding” I ask Him “How do I get out of this place? He answers, “My servant the prophet (Pastor George) will lead you from this place. I channelled My power through him to bring you here and I will channel My power through him to take you back.

From here on my memory is a bit hazy. But I remember slipping between the physical and the spiritual realm trying to kick someone to get their attention before feeling someone grab my hand and pull me from this place. Then, I’m back in Melvin’s living room Pastor George leaning over me. I look around to find crowded around me in a circle, all of their attention focused embarrassingly on me.

Dave M.
Sydney Australia