Ministry Team

Ps George Mfula is a humble servant of God called into ministry to serving the purposes of God’s kingdom. He is a prophet, teacher and pastor  by calling. He has seen God healing many lives of  people . He has seen lives of people transformed from being drug addicts to being good people. He has seen many lives of people being transformed and set free from things such as: drug addiction, depression, suicidal spirits, broken families, broken marriages, and hopelessness.

He has a huge heart for people and, his passion is to see that people from all walks of life achieve their God ordained destiny and purpose on earth. George Mfula’s desire is to see positive change in every society or community. He wants to see people move from bondage to liberty. He wants to see families united, and walk in victory and unity. He has extensively ministered spiritual counsel to many lives of people within the Australia community; and many families have been practically transformed. His ultimate goal is to see that people are set free from fear of the unknown; people live in dominion above all pressures of life.

He is such a selfless person who has sacrificed his own life to show people the way to greatness-especially people who have been rejected in society, and have lost the desire to live anymore. Furthermore, he has been preaching and counselling people who lost it all in life, yet Jesus has touched their lives for good. He has helped such kind of people find direction and purpose in life up till now!

He is also an author of a variety of books which have been impacting people’s lives here in Australia. And, most of his books are simply written not for profit making, but to spread the message of love and hope to broken and hopeless lives.

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